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With so many men searching for a way to enlarge their penis and have better sex, the penis enlargement industry has experienced a big boom. But with thousands of products for sale in drugstores, gas stations and online, it can be difficult to find a product that actually works. Some men report trying as many as 20 different 'penis pills' without seeing or feeling any improvements. Not every penis enlargement product works; in fact, many of them are nothing more than placebo pills or snake oil. One of the few we've found that actually enlarges the penis and makes erections more powerful is Xytomax.

Xytomax is a natural male enhancement supplement formulated by a doctor to provide your body with everything it needs for penis enlargement and increased sexual pleasure. Xytomax's potent herbal formula contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are proven to give you extra inches, harder erections and the stamina to go for hours. You will experience an increase in confidence from the very first time you take this penis enlargement pill. Many men also report experiencing an increase in orgasm intensity while taking Xytomax.

Xytomax penis enlargement pillsXytomax Ingredients

Xytomax's powerful Aventi Exstrutonis formula contains a blend of the most powerful male enhancement ingredients available without a prescription. These include:

Epimedium sagittatum: Commonly referred to as Horny Goat Weed, this herb lives up to its name. Epimedium sagittatum has a potent aphrodisiac effect and causes spikes in libido and sexual desire. The icariin found in Epimedium sagittatum extract also inhibits PDE-5, a chemical compound responsible for sexual dysfunction.

Maca root: The compounds found in maca root boost libido to increase sexual desire and sexual pleasure. Studies have shown that maca also improves semen quality and sperm motility to improve fertility.

Damiana: Damiana leaf is a well-known aphrodisiac that is commonly used to treat impotence as well. Damiana improves oxygen deliver to the penis for improved erectile function and erection quality.

Yohimbe: Yohimbe is one of the most popular penis enlargement ingredients around. The alkaloids found in yohimbe inhibit alpha-adrenoreceptors to increase erection size. Yohimbe also makes erections last longer to lengthen the sexual experience.

Cnidium Monnieri: Cnidium Monnieri extract functions as a vasodilator, promoting increased blood flow to the penis. Over time, this increase in blood flow stretches the corpus cavernosa to increase penis size and promote harder, stronger erections.

Longjack Extract: Longjack extract, also known as tongkat ali, increases testosterone levels within the body and increases libido. Longjack extract also improves sperm count and can increase ejaculation volume.

Zinc:  While zinc is best known as an ingredient in a multi-vitamin, it also plays a key role in semen production and sexual function. Some studies suggest that zinc deficiency may play a role in sexual impotence.

Using Xytomax

Xytomax is safe and easy to use. Just take two pills once a day and experience the difference Xytomax can make.

Buy Xytomax

Unfortunately for those of you who prefer to buy locally, Xytomax is only available online. There are several different websites which carry Xytomax, but we've found that the best deals come from the manufacturer's website. Currently they are offering free gifts for both you and your partner when you purchase a larger package, not to mention a money-back guarantee. Xytomax Brazil is also offering special deals to those of you living in Brazil.

Xytomax Pros

  • Invented by a doctor
  • Safe, natural ingredients
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee
  • Ships discreetly

Xytomax Cons

  • Only available online

Xytomax: The Final Word

Xytomax's powerful herbal formula was developed by a doctor for the sole purpose in increasing penis size. Not only is it backed by years of research, it also comes with a money back guarantee. Learn more about Xytomax.


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Each method has its pros and cons. If you go the surgical route, you have the option of getting a penile implant or reconstructive phalloplasty. Both procedures carry serious risks of infection or other complications, such as necrosis, prosthesis explantation, and thinning of penile flesh.

If you'd like to get a bigger penis with risking the chance of losing your penis altogether, consider surgical alternatives such as pumps, creams or supplements. Non-surgical male enhancement is unquestionably safer, but buyer beware: not all enhancement products are created equal.

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