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Prolong Plus Review

If you are a man over thirty you may have come to realize that you are not performing the same way you did in your teens or twenty. When we say 'performing' we mean in multiple ways such as in everyday life, physical activities and especially in the bedroom. Yes, the problem is something that every man will experience at some point in time as his biochemical systems begin to slow down and he faces the loss of production of many rejuvenating chemicals but, most importantly, testosterone. This is because the high production of testosterone is responsible for a great many things that define what it means to be a man from the creation of large quantities of lean muscle mass, sexual drive and the ability to act on the drive effectively with strong and long lasting erections.

If you find yourself having issues in this department then you may want to consider the use of a male enhancement supplement. For those who may not have heard of these modern health aids or who has yet to discover the benefits that they provide then there are just few facts that you need to know. One is that these supplements are designed to help restore a man's ability to produce testosterone at a high level. Another is that they generally accomplish this goal by employing all-natural ingredients that have a long history of helping to boost biochemical systems and help with issues surrounding sexual or erectile dysfunction. The last is the fact that, even though products like this have been around for many years, it is only in the last several years that the best of these became highly effective.

The problem facing the millions of men all around the globe who would like to try a male enhancement supplement is that because the supplements are growing so popular the market has been flooded with literally hundreds of different products which generally have very similar ingredients and nearly identical claims. This means that the whole process of choosing a high quality male enhancement supplement has become a lot harder.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the best available products available today, have decided to take a good hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements out there today - Prolong Plus.

About Prolong Plus

ProLong Plus

What users will find with Prolong Plus is that it is one of the many all-natural daily male enhancement supplements in this heavily saturated market. The elements within the formula are fairly common and designed to combine multiple benefits from numerous well-known ingredients claimed attack and reverse the often devastating effects of low testosterone levels experienced by many millions of men around the world today. These effects include but are not limited to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of stamina and endurance during day to day life and especially during sexual activity.

Active Ingredients In Prolong Plus

A close look at the list of active ingredients in a product of this nature can be very illuminating for those who may not have had the opportunity research these types of products and what generally goes into them.

  • Cardamom - A commonly used spice with hundreds of years of use for its properties of enhancing sexual drive or libido.
  • Curculigo Orchioides - AKA Black Musale, this herb is a widely used aphrodisiac.
  • Cnidium Monnieri - Found in China and other parts of Asia this plant extract is used to promote firmer and longer lasting erections.
  • Dioscorea Villosa - Essentially a wild yam this root has earned its reputation as a centuries old remedy for low sexual drive.
  • Ginseng - Often called Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha this natural plant extract is used for overall health purposed in a wide variety of products around the globe.
  • Passiflora Incarnata - Referred to by many as the Passion Flower this plant is often combined with other libido enhancers for greater effect.
  • Tongkat Ali - Also known as Semen Cuscutae and even more commonly referred to as the Dodder Seed this element is a common addition to male enhancers to help with blood circulation.
  • Tribulus Terrestris - Perhaps the single most common ingredient in any high quality male enhancement supplement this plant extract is critical to the production of testosterone at high levels.
  • 5-HTP - A natural substance included as a mood elevator.

Clinical Information

Again, for those who are interested in knowing how well a product is likely to work can look at the set of ingredients that are used in it but that would only tell part of the story. Another part would be knowing how those ingredients were formulated in order to produce the desired effect from a combination of many different elements. For example, a product may actually have the very best possible ingredients but if some or all of those ingredients were at insufficient levels then the likelihood of getting the desired results is rather low. This is why one should look for any data that a company can provide as to any verifiable research, studies or trials that may have been performed on the actual formulation of the product.

A standard search of the company website and other industry related sites did not turn up any such data that would credibly support the claims made by Prolong Plus.

Real User Reviews

Another way to check on how well a product is likely to work is to look at testimonials and user reviews for the product. However, as any experienced consumer knows, any testimonials or user reviews found on a products' official website or other promotional material is inherently biased by the fact the company has control over what gets posted to its site and is unlikely to post anything but the most positive of reviews. For this reason we tend to look for more independent sources for our purposes.

Looking at a number of chat rooms dedicated to the subject and multiple websites with no apparent affiliation to Prolong Plus or its parent company we discovered many independent user reviews. Unfortunately, most of them had a rather negative view of their experience with this product. Some of the most common themes among them with that Prolong Plus did not live up to its claims and in some cases seemed to have no notable effect at all.

Is Prolong Plus Safe to Use?

As stated, the list ingredients in Prolong Plus do not appear to have any well-known side effects or offer any serious risk of harm to users with no significant health concerns. However, as always, it is advisable to seek a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other product of a similar nature.

How To Purchase Prolong Plus

Available only through the producers' official website, the current retail price for a bottle of sixty capsules - which is actually only a fifteen day supply as stated by Prolong Plus' recommended dosage instructions, is $49.95.

The Final Verdict On Prolong Plus

When it boils right down to it there are only three things consumers need to look at concerning Prolong Plus. The first is that the ingredients list is solid. The second is that there is little to no credible data regarding studies or trials that would show the claims of this product are credible. The third is that the vast majority of independent user reviews that we could find did not recommend this product based on their own personal experience.

Taking these points into consideration it seems likely that Prolong Plus is not one of the best available options for men suffering from the symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction due to testosterone loss.

For more information on high quality, top performing male enhancement supplements available on the market today, click here.

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