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Cyvita Review

One day you were a man in your prime and sex was a big part of your life. You were strong, your libido was in overdrive and the only problems you had sexually was that you couldn't get enough of it. Then one day something changed. It probably wasn't noticeable but quietly your body started to slow down and your body's ability to produce testosterone at the high level it had been since you were a teenager and through your twenties. It was this day which statistically was probably around the age of thirty that you found yourself just a little less interested in sex and you may have even had to deal with some kind of issue related to mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. And, if that bad day was a long time ago you know that these issues have only gotten worse.

Now, for those who may not have heard there is a way to get back to being that guy you once were. Yes, we're talking about the modern male enhancement supplement and for those of you who haven't had a chance to do the basic research on them these generally all-natural products are designed to give your body the necessary elements to rejuvenate the stalled production of testosterone that is critical to a man's strength, stamina, sexual drive and ability to act on those feelings when they come.


There is one issue that a guy who wants to try one of these new products has to deal with and that's the fact that there are literally hundreds of different brands the market worldwide and nearly of all of them seem to have almost all the same basic ingredients and make almost all the same claims. This is because, as men all over the globe began to understand just how the best of these products could change their lives, just about anyone with the capacity to get the same basic ingredients, make a pill and put together a marketing campaign put out a product in order to cash in on this growing multi-billion dollar industry. Obviously this flood of new products has now made it extremely hard for the average guy to figure out which product will work best for them.

This being the case, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our valued readers find the best products which will likely get the job done for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements on the market today - Cyvita.

All About Cyvita

According to the label for a bottle of Cyvita the producers claim that this all-natural supplement can help its users achieve long lasting, strong erections and can assist in making them happen more often. With each bottle containing forty-two pills which should be taken approximately thirty minutes prior to sexual activity in order to achieve the best possible results.

Cyvita does have an official website that offers the product for sale but it is also available through multiple online retail outlets such as Amazon.com and brick and mortar stores such as CVS and Wal-Mart.

Active Ingredients In Cyvita

Cyvita is designed to increase the levels of nitric oxide levels in the user's bloodstream in order to help increase overall blood flow and carry oxygen and nutrients to all the major organs and muscle groups but particularly to the penis. These ingredients include Carnitines (Propionyl L-Carnitine HCl and Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl) which act to produce greater levels of nitric oxide and, in the process, increase blood flow. A secondary ingredient is something scientists refer to as a PDE5 inhibitor which are part of other prescription medications including Viagra which, when put together with epimedium sagittatum (40% icariin) is known to promote erections but is also crucial to the intensity and duration of an erection.

Clinical Data and Testing

Those with a chemistry background know that the choice of ingredients in any product is only part of the total picture. This is because it doesn't matter how good those ingredients might be if the way they are formulated happens in a way that is insufficient to achieve the desired results.

A review of the official website for Cyvita shows that, despite some information based on the benefits of the individual ingredients, there are no references to any clinical research, studies or trials that would support the claims made as to the effectiveness for Cyvita.

Independent User Reviews

The official website for Cyvita offers a number of customer testimonials which is quite common for companies selling any product to do. But, as most experienced consumers understand these testimonials or user reviews that appear on a product's official site are biased just by the fact that the seller has control of the site and determines what is posted to it. This being the case we prefer to look for less biased sources of testimonials or user reviews.

Using a wide selection of industry related websites and several chat rooms focused on male enhancement we came upon a significant amount of independent user reviews for Cyvita. Doing an analysis of favorable and unfavorable sentiments it became clear that most reviews could only be classified as negative.

How Safe Is Cyvita?

Looking at the list of ingredients used in Cyvita there does not appear to be any significant health risks for users with no serious medical conditions. However, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other product of a similar nature.

Ways to Purchase Cyvita

Unlike most male enhancement supplements that are designed for a daily dosage Cyvita is designed to be take approximately thirty minutes before expected sexual activity. For this reason this product is sold in bottles of forty-two pills. The average price point over multiple outlets was $44.00 per bottle.

The Last Word On Cyvita

At the start of this review we talked about how men cruise along during their peak physical years looking for every chance to have sex and engaging in it with supreme confidence in their ability to perform as long as the situation is comfortable. Then, as they move past the peak years something happens and that confidence starts to disappear as their levels of sex drive and their certain ability to form and maintain a rock solid erection.

The good news is that a high quality male enhancement supplement can help to restore the critical testosterone levels that are key to having a great sense of libido and the ability to form a strong erection that can get the job done.

The problems begin when most men go looking for the product that's right for them and discover that there are literally hundreds of male enhancement supplements on the market and most appear quite similar.

Eyeing Cyvita specifically it becomes clear that there are just a few key points that need to be considered to know whether this product deserves to be seen as one of the best choices out there today. The first is the fact that the ingredients list for Cyvita is filled with a number of well-recognized elements comparable to many of the industry's top performers.

The second point is whether there is a significant amount of information related to any research, studies or clinical trials that may have been conducted on the formulation for Cyvita. In this case the company did not provide any links to data that would support the claims make as to Cyvita's overall effectiveness.

The final point is simply what real users are saying about their experiences with the product. With Cyvita the majority of independent user reviews that we came across did not believe that Cyvita delivered on its claims in any significant way.

Putting all these points together it seems clear that Cyvita, at least in its current form, cannot be viewed as one of the top choices for men who want to get back to being the man they use to be.

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