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The ProExtender: Is It Safe? Does It Work?

If you are like millions of men around the world you look down at your manhood and wish it was, well, let's just say more impressive. It may be perfectly adequate or even better than that but you still want more. You might even be one the many men who have a problem with the fact that your penis is oddly shaped - crooked or curved - because, even if you don't realize it, you have what is called Peyronie's disease and you want to straighten it out. Whatever the case may be there are options available on the market today and we are here to examine one of the most talked about methods - It's called the ProExtender.


So, what exactly is the ProExtender? To put it simply, the ProExtender is a device designed to stretch the tissue of the penis to, over time, elongate your manhood. Developed by a Danish plastic Surgeon named Jorn Ege Siana, the ProExtender employs a medical procedure called traction, to slowing expand the cellular division within the tissues of the penis. As with many other types of medical conditions from plastic surgery to burn treatments this technique of traction stretches tissue which causes the cells within the tissue to collapse and then multiply as part of healing process which, over time, leads to stronger and more resilient flesh. You, undoubtedly, have also seen or heard of this technique being employed everywhere from primitive cultures who use it to stretch body parts such as lips and earlobes by inserting ever larger items into them, to medical applications which, in addition to the procedures we've already mentioned to other things such as stretching one leg that might be too short to match the other. It is this very same technique that The ProExtender uses to try to accomplish its goal.

Because like everything else in this world, one size does not fit all, The ProExtender is available to two different models. The regular ProExtender is designed with a pair of two inch extension bars for penises that are between two and seven inches when flaccid. The Deluxe model adds a pair of one half inch extenders for penises that are between two and nine inches when flaccid.

Clinical Studies

According to company literature, the ProExtender was tested in nineteen ninety eight by the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery held that year in Barcelona, Spain. It claims that the study showed that men using the ProExtender had a thirty percent increase in the size of the penis over a twenty-four week study period. There are also suggestions that greater results can be achieved through the use of high quality male enhancement supplements to which will boost the levels of nitric oxide within the bloodstream and facilitate the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue while increasing overall blood flow.

User Reviews

For products such as The ProExtender, which offers most of its information through only manufacturer approved sources and are very difficult to verify independently, we always look for as much information as possible from truly independent sources. This is especially true when it comes to user reviews. What we found in our extensive search of what is available online is that these independent user reviews were largely negative with a number of complaints that covered a wide array of concerns. The majority of these negative reviews seemed to focus on the fact that The ProExtender was cumbersome to use and became dislodged with any significant movement by the user. Coupled with that complaint was the fact that many found it hard to find a sufficient amount of down time where they could stay still long enough to use The ProExtender long enough to meet the recommended treatment periods.


  • The ProExtender was developed by a plastic surgeon
  • There is at least one clinical study that backs up its claims
  • There is a long history of claimed success with similar products


  • This and other similar products are cumbersome
  • This product has a history of associated injuries when used improperly
  • Independent user reviews are generally highly unfavorable

Our Conclusion

Yes, millions of men all around the world face a hard truth about themselves that they wish they could overcome - They just wish their penis were bigger, stronger and more attractive to their mates and those they wish would be their mates. The dilemma the many millions of men face is what to do about it. For those men smart enough motivated enough and having the necessary resources, the answers to their problems are out there. They just have to make the right choices. And, when it comes to that the smart ones seem to have figured out that mechanical contraptions such as The ProExtender are like some strange device found in some carnival show of whacky medical procedures from the middle-ages.

Sure, it may actually produce some results but the trouble of using it and the possibility of really hurting yourself if you should use it incorrectly or during sleep periods should be enough to make any rational man look for another solution.

This leads our wise readers to the one and only reasonable solution for solving problems of this nature - Supplements. That's right, a high quality, well-established male enhancement supplement containing a list of preferably all-natural ingredients designed to target all of the potential problem areas is a savvy consumer's only real chance to overcome their, shall we say, shortcomings.

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