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Does Penis Size Matter?

So you have heard it over and over again. Does size matter? Some people say yes and others say no. Well the truth is that size is not everything but it can play an integral part of a woman's sexual satisfaction. As quoted from a recent article on askmen.com author Vanessa Burton writes "Sure any woman would like to have a big thick bar to play with and suck on. It's like guys who are obsessed with big breasts." Women are turned on and satisfied by a large, thick, and powerful penis. If you have read any of the many women's advice articles on the web regarding penis size then you have read the tips that they offer. They suggest things for women such as supplementing sex (when with a short-ended boyfriend) with a vibrator or a special position, which allows for deeper penetration. While a vibrator is definitely a great tool to use in the bedroom, you should not have to depend on one to fully satisfy your partner.

Some guys are a decent size and can get the job done. However, like all guys we are always looking for a way to enhance ourselves a little bit. Sure maybe you can please your woman consistently but why not drive her wild? Have her begging for more and bragging to her girlfriends.

A potential mate often times can tell how large you are before you even sleep together. There is an aura of confidence that men with large penises give off. Whether or not you realize it, your size is displayed in the way you carry yourself and the air of confidence that you give off. The locker room can be an embarrassing place for a lot of men. They feel subconscious about their size and they are embarrassed to have other men see their true size and then judge them. This lack of confidence carries over to other parts of your life and limits you.

If you have 7 inches or more you will be able to penetrate the more sensitive parts of a women and reach the pleasure nerve areas that she may not even be aware of. The thick girth of your penis will pleasure your woman into orgasmic gasps that will make you proud.

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Here are some quotes from women regarding penis size:

"My boyfriend Tom has a little less size than most of my previous boyfriends. He tries really hard in bed and can get me to orgasm maybe 1 out of 5 times. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I know from experience that if he had just a little more size and thickness that he could rock my world every time."
Jenny C St. Louis, MO.

"I have a hard time coming if a guy is too small. It just does not get me going to feel a small penis inside me. I like to feel like I am being filled up and devoured."
Linda W. Houston, TX.

What are My Options for Natural Penis Enlargement?

When it comes to super-sizing your Johnson there is a myriad of available products, tips and techniques that can help.

Each method has its pros and cons. If you go the surgical route, you have the option of getting a penile implant or reconstructive phalloplasty. Both procedures carry serious risks of infection or other complications, such as necrosis, prosthesis explantation, and thinning of penile flesh.

If you'd like to get a bigger penis with risking the chance of losing your penis altogether, consider surgical alternatives such as pumps, creams or supplements. Non-surgical male enhancement is unquestionably safer, but buyer beware: not all enhancement products are created equal.

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