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If you are a man of experience then there is one thing that you know despite the many different voices out there that tell you otherwise - size does matter. It matters to men and it matters to women. For men it's a matter of self-confidence knowing that he measures up to other men and the knowledge that when he shows himself to women that they will be more than excited.

Let's face it, there are a lot things that people tell themselves in order just to get through the day. Saying that size doesn't matter is one of them just like saying that a woman with small breasts is just as appealing as a woman with large breasts. Obviously, from a man's point of view that is just not true and the fact of the matter is that woman will choose a man with a larger penis with all other things being equal just as a man would choose a woman with larger breasts with all other things being equal.

So, accepting these obvious facts, what does a man do if he feels that his penis is not big enough? Well, there are three basic solutions to the problem and doing nothing about it is not one of them.

The first option is to have penile enhancement surgery which means skin grafts, a lot money and long recovery period. There is also always the chance that there could be complications and nobody wants to think about that.

The second option is to use a penile traction device which clamps on to the penis and applies a slow and steady pulling action on the penis in order to break down tissue cells within the penis to break down and then rejuvenate with new cells that, over a period of months, grows the tissue within the penis to eventually make it longer. Clearly, this option is more appealing and less expensive than surgery.

The third option is to use a high quality male enhancement supplement designed to boost testosterone production and build up nitric oxide in the bloodstream in order to improve circulation which results in more blood reaching and filling the penile chambers for a bigger, firmer and fuller erection. If a guy decides to go in this direction there is one issue that he faces and that why we called for a high quality supplement.

The fact is that these supplements have become so popular in the last decade or so that it seems like every company that can make a pill and get it on the market is doing so. The problem there is that, even if these pills all look the same, have the same ingredients and make the same claims they are not all equal and figuring out which of them are the best is only getting harder.

It's for this reason that we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the products that will likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements out there today - it's called PenaTropin.

A Look Inside PenaTropin


A product of Phyto Health whose facilities are based in the USA, PenaTropin is claimed to be the #1 male enhancement supplement on the market today. Designed to be an all-natural formulation utilizing a specific proprietary set of ingredients this supplement is targeted directly at those men who are looking for some significant size growth for their penis. The manufacturer's reliance on multiple endorsements by some well-known adult film actors makes this all extremely clear especially considering that their whole marketing strategy focuses completely on the gains in penis size that can be attained with its use.

Referring back to PenaTropin's use of a proprietary formulation it is more than understandable that an entity with a superior product would want to prevent its competition from knowing exactly how it's made but, by the same token, they are also preventing potential customers from knowing critical information by the process. What this means is that no one is able to analyze the ingredients and how they are formulated in order to form an educated opinion on whether this product is the right one for you or if there are potential health risks.

Clinical Research, Studies And Trials

Another aspect of not knowing the actual formulation of the product that leaves potential users and reviewers in the dark is the complete lack of any information regarding any data related to research, studies or clinical trials that would support the claims made as to PenaTropin's effectiveness.

What Real World Users Are Saying

It's one thing to have a bunch of adult film stars telling you how great the product is but, as we all know, they probably have a financial incentive to do so. This being the case their opinions are obviously biased and should not really be relied upon. This being the case we decided to look for more independent and less biased sources of testimonials and users reviews.

Looking at several industry related websites with no known affiliation to PenaTropin or Phyto Health and a number of internet chat rooms discussing male enhancement we discovered many independent user reviews for PenaTropin. Compiling the comments it became clear that the vast majority of them were highly negative and the most common theme of the negative reviews was that this product simply did not deliver on its claims.

How Safe Is PenaTropin?

The bottom line is that there is no way of really knowing how safe this product is given the serious lack of information regarding its ingredients and formulation. As always, it is best to seek the advice of a primary care physician for other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any product of a similar nature.

How To Purchase PenaTropin

This product is available through multiple online retail outlets and, as of this publication, the price varies between platforms. It is suggested that buyers look at multiple outlets for the best available price before purchasing.

The Last Word On PenaTropin

For men who are interested in having a penis that truly measures up in every way there are three real options - expensive and risky corrective surgery, painful and cumbersome penile traction devices or size increasing male enhancement supplements. As logic dictates it would be wise to start with the cheapest, fastest and least risky of these options which means that we are talking about male enhancement supplements

Looking directly at PenaTropin is seems clear that there are three basic categories that need to be examined in order to know if this product deserves to be ranked among the best possible options for men looking to enlarge their penis through the use of male enhancement supplement.

The first category is the set of ingredients used and, in this case, that is not verifiable due to the choice by Phyto Health to make many aspects of this product proprietary.

The second category is the formulation of this product and, again, due to the proprietary nature of the product there is much the public cannot know and the company has decided not to openly share any data that might exist regarding research, studies or clinical trials.

The third and final category relates to what actual real world and independent users are saying about their experience with PenaTropin and, as discussed that was not a positive.

Combining the results of the look into these three categories it is clear that, at least as of this time, PenaTropin has not done what is necessary to be listed among the top choices when it comes to a male enhancement supplement designed to grow the size of a man's penis.

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Looking for Natural Penis Enlargement?

If you want your member to be large and in charge, there are plenty of different methods you can use to do it naturally. But some ways are better than others.

The safest and most affordable strategy, of course, is to take a high-quality male enhancement supplement. Male enhancement pills don't carry the dangerous health risks that surgery does. They don't require you to use any embarrassing equipment, like penis pumps or weights.

But you have to be a smart consumer. You can't just throw your hard-earned money away on any old supplement. If you want safe, natural penis enlargement at a fair price, you've got to sift through all the snake oil out there and find a product that works!

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