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Ultra Edge XL Review

Ultra Edge XL is a powerful muscle building supplement that can help you pack on lean muscle fast. But that's not all. Several happy customers have experienced some pleasantly surprising benefits to using Ultra Edge XL in addition to meeting their fitness goals. Men all over the world have reported experiencing increases in penis size and erectile function while using Ultra Edge XL.

With all of the time, money and energy devoted to both male enhancement and bodybuilding, this is a rather impressive accomplishment. It's extremely difficult to find a fitness supplement/male enhancement product capable of doing both. Most male enhancement supplements can interfere with bodybuilding, and some bodybuilding supplements can negate the benefits of male enhancement. Thankfully, Ultra Edge XL doesn't have such problems.

While Ultra Edge XL is only intended to be used for muscle development, many men are intentionally buying it to reap the male enhancement benefits as well. On top of explosive muscle gains and the endurance to take on more intense workouts, Ultra Edge XL increases sexual stamina and enhances erection size for a more intense workout between the sheets. The ingredients in Ultra Edge XL also reduce post-workout recovery time, which may translate into the ability to go for round two in bed.

With all the gains that Ultra Edge XL is rumored to offer, many people were wondering whether this product really measures up. Keep reading below to find out.

Ultra Edge XL Ingredients

Every ingredient in Ultra Edge XL was chosen for its ability to promote lean muscle growth and intensify workout efforts. While other muscle building supplements contain a lot of binders, fillers and trace ingredients, Ultra Edge XL's simple formula provides your body with exactly what it needs--and nothing else--to promote and sustain muscle development and growth.

Ultra Edge XL contains several ingredients which are useful for sculpting a muscular physique: isoleucine, arginine, glycine, glutamine, ornithine, valine, and lysine. All seven of them are known as branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), a specialized type of essential amino acid that pushes your body to the limits. They help increase muscle growth and physical endurance. BCAAs make up one third of all amino acids found in muscle tissue and many bodybuilders have been known to supplement their workout efforts with them.

In addition to providing the raw resources your body needs to build muscle, BCAAs also provide the energy to do so. While other amino acids are metabolized in the lower intestine or in the liver, BCAAs are metabolized directly by the muscle and are converted into ATP. ATP is like a battery pack for your muscle cells and provides them with the energy they need to contract, such as when you're lifting weights.

BCAAs also help to keep the rest of your body energized during an intensive training session by converting fat into usable energy and sustaining testosterone levels. During intense workouts, the body burns through its store of glycogen quickly; once that energy source is gone, fatigue sets in. By stimulating fat oxidation, the BCAAs in Ultra Edge XL help you to push yourself past your limits for extreme muscle gains. In addition, BCAAs help sustain the rise in testosterone levels brought on by these intense workouts. These higher testosterone levels are responsible for the increases in erection size users report experiencing, long after they've finished training.

While these amino acids are great for both improving your ability to build muscle and shortening your recovery time between workouts, they aren't the only ingredients which make Ultra Edge XL ideal for both bodybuilding and male enhancement. Ultra Edge XL also contains Panax ginseng for mental clarity and focus. It helps your brain concentrate harder on doing each rep with correct form to the best of your ability. It can also help you out later in the bedroom, too. If you happen to be in the unfortunate majority of men who suffer from some sort of premature ejaculation, it may be due to some sort of mental block. But the positive neurological effects of Ultra Edge XL will help you relax, feel confident, and enhance your erectile endurance for you and your partner's ultimate pleasure.

Of course, some of the men reading this right now may be thinking "I've seen other muscle building stacks with similar ingredients. What makes Ultra Edge XL so special?". That is an excellent question! The one ingredient that makes Ultra Edge XL stand out from the competition is a proprietary molecule called AstraGin. AstraGin is a special compound that was invented exclusively by the manufacturers of Ultra Edge XL. It helps your body absorb more of the amino acids and botanical extracts which make up this potent formula. With AstraGin, you'll know that you're taking a muscle building stack that is more powerful and more effective than all the other copycats out there on the market.

Using Ultra Edge XL

With all the benefits Ultra Edge XL has to offer, it must be difficult to use, right? Wrong! Just take 2 capsules daily -- one 30 minutes before you start training and one 30 minutes after you finish. That's it!

This is a refreshing change of pace, since most pre- and post-workout formulas don't come in any form that's easy to put into your body. The majority of them are protein powders which are ground up finer than anthrax spores. Can you remember the last time you made a protein shake without coughing up a lung full of the stuff? Most of your fellow gym rats can't, either. Yet despite this fine texture, you still have to shake your bottle harder than twerking girls in a rap video just to get rid of most of the clumps. And even then, you're drinking a shake that tastes like either chocolate-flavored cardboard, strawberry-flavored cardboard, or vanilla-flavored cardboard. So get the protein shake drama out of your life, and switch to Ultra Edge XL.

Try Ultra Edge XL for Yourself

Now that you've read what Ultra Edge XL can do, you should try it for yourself. Currently, the manufacturer is offering a Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal to make it even easier to save money. Order today and see unbelievable gains.