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Vita-T Review

You are a man who has come to recognize that you have lost a step or maybe even two. Maybe you're around thirty years old and this feeling is something that's just started. Maybe you're well past thirty, have known this for years and have finally come to the conclusion that you just don't want to accept that this is the case. Whatever stage you're in what you want is to get back to feeling and performing much the same way you did when you were in our peak physical years. You want to feel stronger, have more energy, feel like your blood is flowing and your systems are functioning at a high level and, maybe most importantly, feel that sense of sexual excitement that you used to have and know that you can perform the way you once did.

The problem, you may have found, is that once you have gone past your peak physical years your body begins to lose its ability to rejuvenate itself the way it once did. This is because, in general, most of not all of your body's chemical processes that keep you young and strong started to slow down around that critical age of thirty and, in the process, provided your body with less and less of the elements needed to keep you strong and functioning at a very high level.

Perhaps the greatest culprit of this is the fact that once the production of testosterone in your body begins to slow down everything that makes you a man starts to be diminished, as well. You begin to lose lean muscle mass, your metabolism slows and you begin to add weight in the form of stored fat and, perhaps, most disturbingly, you begin to lose not only your desire for sex but the ability to form and maintain a sex-worthy erection. Unfortunately this is not only a physical problem for you but it is likely to lead to emotional and even psychological problems. For instance, the lack of desire or ability to perform sexually can lead to growing tensions in your relationship with your partner and the embarrassment and subsequent loss of confidence in your manhood can often lead to devastating consequences.

The good news is that, here, in the twenty-first century, modern science and some age old natural elements have been brought together to make what are now known as male enhancement supplements. These supplements, when well formulated, can kick start your body's systems and help restore its ability to produce many of the chemical it once did and that are so crucial to well-functioning systems. Most importantly for men, is how a high quality and specifically designed male enhancement supplement can boost the production of testosterone which, in turn, boosts the male sexual drive or libido and helps other systems increase blood flow throughout the body but, most importantly, to the penis to bolster the formation of an erection during arousal and to maintain it.

The biggest problem that male who want to try a male enhancement supplement have in finding a high quality product comes when they start shopping for one and find that this multi-billion dollar health supplement industry has been flooded with products that often have nearly identical ingredients and claims. Because of this we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the best available products have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement products on the market today - it's called Vita-T.

About Vita-T


Speaking at length about Vita-T is a little difficult to do based on the fact that there is very little information available on the product or its manufacturer. In doing a standard search of the internet no official website could be found and no information on whom the manufacturer is. In fact we could not even find a photo of the ingredients label for the product.

What we did find was a purchase page for the product on Amazon.com but it should be noted that, at the time of the search, this product was out of stock and unavailable for purchase. So, for one thing there was only one photo which showed the front label of the bottle and no details on its ingredients.

Vita-T Ingredients

As mentioned above, no image of Vita-T's ingredients label could be found with a standard search of the internet and even online reseller purchase pages such as the one found at Amazon.com did not display and images of the product bottle that included the ingredients.

The most helpful information that could be found was in the description posted on the products purchase page at Amazon.com. In short it states that Vita-T is a powerful multi-vitamin that it increases testosterone and provides support for the prostate with six unique and effective blends of vitamins, minerals and herbs. These elements work together to restore virility and support liver and heart health. It also adds the following disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Vita-T User Reviews

Normally, for products with an official website, potential customers would find a number of user testimonials that would certainly say how great their experience with the product was. Although this is known to be a very effective sales tool, savvy consumers understand that these testimonials are obviously hand selected by the manufacturer and, therefore, are biased on their face. In the case of Vita-T there is no official website that we could find offering these types of sanctioned testimonials but there are user reviews posted on some online retail outlets offering Vita-T such as those found on Amazon.com. Still, even though these reviews are more of mixed bag, it is a well-known fact that many companies tend to encourage the posting of positive reviews to retailer user reviews, thus elevating the ratings of their products.

To get a more unbiased view of what users are saying about Vita-T we conducted a search of unaffiliated industry websites and chat rooms dedicated to this subject for a more independent view. What we found was that the vast majority of these more unbiased user reviews had a highly negative rating of Vita-T. The most common opinions stated among them were that the users experienced little to no positive effects from its use, especially when compared to previously used products of a similar formulation.

Vita-T Health Concerns

Being unable to establish the ingredients or formulation of Vita-T it is impossible to judge the safety or effectiveness of this product. That said, it is always advisable to seek out a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or other similar products.

Vita-T Pricing And Dosage

The only outlets we could find where Vita-T was available for purchase was on Amazon.com. Even there the product was listed as out of stock and unavailable at that time. Apparently, when items are out of stock at this retailer the price is not listed so, at the time of writing, there is no purchase price available.

Again, no dosage information is available but based on an image of the Vita-T bottle and comments gleaned from user reviews it appears that each bottle contains ninety pills or capsules which constitutes a one month supply with three capsules recommended on a daily basis.

Vita-T Final Conclusion

As we discussed at the top of this review, most men begin to feel as if they have lost a step or two as they reach the age of thirty and even more as they move beyond that point. For many, the answer could be high quality male enhancement supplement designed to restore lost testosterone and kick start many chemical processes which naturally slow down around thirty and continue to do so as the years go by.

With regard to Vita-T, it seems clear that the unusually high lacked of information available for it, the difficulty in finding it available for purchase and the low ratings from independent user reviews it would be hard to find any justification for placing it among the best available male enhancement supplement that one could buy.

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