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The day finally came when you decided that you were just not going to go through life with a penis that just didn't measure up. And, if you're like most men, and you are, you don't have grand expectations that your penis should be the biggest in the world but you do want to have one that gives you the confidence that you won't be embarrassed to let it all hang out in the locker room and especially in the bedroom. The only problem has been trying to figure out how you're going to go about making it happen. Clearly having a surgical procedure is the last option on the list given the pain and expense of it all not to mention the thought of even doing that to yourself and the possibility of what would happen if something went wrong with the procedure.

Then there is the option of using male enhancement supplements which you may have heard might work but that there are so many brands that have been shown to be completely ineffective and carry to possibility of some really unwanted side effects make the thought of having to try one supplement after another a really depressing notion.

That kind of leaves you with the third option which is one of the many penis extending devices which rely on the medical concept of traction to slowly stretch body parts by putting a small but steady tension on it. Sure, this process is widely used by physicians to help body parts like legs and arms to heal after injuries or sometimes to even out limbs when one is slightly shorter than the other but you may be wondering if it can really help with making a penis longer or larger. Well, the evidence is that it does work in theory anyway by applying pressure to the cells within the tissue which, on a micro level, strains the tissue cells to the point where they divide and then create new cells to relieve the tension and strengthen the surrounding cells.


The issue with this process is that for men who are not confined to a hospital bed using these devices can be cumbersome and daunting in such a way that users have a hard time finding the necessary time to attach it to themselves and wear it for extended periods of time without it really getting in the way of living comfortably. Plus, you have to deal with the prospect of getting one of these devices and then finding out how well it works.

So, keeping of that in mind, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our valued readers find the products that are likely to work best for them, have decided to take long hard look at one of the most talked about penile traction devices available on the market today - it's called SizeGenetics.

How The SizeGenetics Device Works

As we discussed, penis extenders employ the therapeutic concept of tissue traction to apply a slow but steady stretching action to various types of tissue which then results in a restructuring of cellular materials to help break down and then rebuild the tissue with more new and stronger cells. The end result of this type of therapy is often seen way beyond the many medical applications such as placing an injured or arm in traction and pulling on it steadily over a long period of time so that it will ultimately grow its way toward a match with the normal arm. There are also a number of examples of less advanced culture that use traction to help enhance parts of the human body for societal reasons such as when tribal people stretch their necks by putting ever increasing numbers of rings around their necks to force it to lengthen. Another example involves tribes that insert ever larger circular plates inside their lower lips in order to stretch the skin so that it can hold quite large plates.

This is the concept that, at its heart, is what makes all the various penile extending systems work including the SizeGenetics device. Based on an extensive body of work by noted Danish surgeon Dr. Siana, the SizeGenetics system was first developed to deal with not only the issues associated with penis size that fit within the accepted 'normal range' of penis length and girth but also to deal with the devastating effects of micro or abnormally small penis syndrome and even the effects of curved penis syndrome which is often referred to as Peyronie's disease.

The results of employing a traction based approach on all of these problems have been shown to be somewhat to highly effective when used in accordance with medically approved recommendations. Still, there has been some considerable amount of reporting that it is quite possible to cause significant injury if it is not used properly and there are some complaints of unacceptable discomfort associated with using these devices including the SizeGenetics system.

What King Of Results Can Be Expected?

The critical point to understanding if the SizeGenetics system is likely to work can be found in their claims and the list of comparisons that they tend to offer. The key claim is that the SizeGenetics system establishes a far higher rate of tension as opposed what is deemed to be some of the inferior competition. Reaching as high a tension rate of 2,800g in comparison to as little as 1,500g with some lesser rated systems, the SizeGenetics system claims that it can achieve some extraordinary results just by providing a traction system that essentially provides more power than its competitors and does so using a device made with machine grade materials and a vastly superior design.

Not surprisingly with claims of this type, the best known way to see just how effective it might be beyond the research, clinical studies and test trials is to look closely at what actual users have to say about their experiences. Knowing that user reviews are hand-picked by companies as a way to promote of their products are likely to be biased at the very least we decided to take a look at a large number of independent sources of user reviews in order to get a clear and far less biased view of what real users of SizeGenetics are saying. What we discovered was not was not very positive. It seems that even though SizeGenetics has clearly invested a large amount of time, effort and money into producing a system that can deliver exceptional results for their clients, the end result is that a significant majority of these users discovered that the system was uncomfortable to wear and the amount of time on a daily basis as well as the total number of months that were required to wear the system was just far too burdensome.

The Last Word On SizeGenetics

Going back to the start of this review we talked about the fact that you are reading this makes it clear that you are not happy and want to do something regarding the less than inadequate size or structure of your penis. The conundrum that you must solve at this point is which method of changing your penis you will choose. Taking a long hard look at a potential risks and high price of having a surgical procedure seem off putting, at best, and for any sane man that clearly makes that option a pure last resort.

Looking again at the option of using some form of high grade male enhancement supplement might seem like a good option for most men as long as long as they don't come with any real serious medical issues that might stop them from using a regular pill regimen on a day to day basis. And, considering that most healthy men have little to fear with potential side effects that are negligible with the top ranked options since they tend to be made with only all-natural ingredients.

Lastly, when one looks at traction devices such as the SizeGenetics system in particular, it seems clear that, even though there are a number of established benefits, the pain, discomfort and risk that comes from potential injury and the disruption that comes into a user's normal life seems to make opting for the SizeGenetics device is not really the best first option.

Summing it all up, it appears quite clear that to any man looking for a truly viable solution for this type of issue that the best possible solution is most likely to be the simplest, most inexpensive and least hard one. Acknowledging that, it appears that any sane man would make surgery a last option, an extender device of some sort as a second option and a high quality male enhancement supplement as the first option in their quest for a larger penis.

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