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It happens to just about every man at some point. At first it may be hard to put their finger on but eventually they begin to realize that they just don't feel the same way that they always had. That sense of strength and vitality that they had always known since they were energetic younger teenagers and still growing and maturing young men had somehow slipped away to some degree. And, at first they might be able to just acknowledge that they were just getting to feel what it's like to be a fully mature adult male but when they have their first experience with some form of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction it can really have an effect on a guy's sense of who he is.

The problem is rather simple and, as mentioned, happens to just about every man in the world and it is the basic fact that as men move past their peak physical years they will experience a drop off in their ability to produce testosterone at the same kind of high rate that they once did in their prime. The generally means that they will start to lose the capacity to easily build large amounts of lean muscle mass and burn unwanted fat. It also means that they are likely to experience a diminished sense of sexual desire or drive and it often means that at some point they may experience some symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Now, it may not be very comforting to know that this has been happening to nearly all men all over the world and since the dawn of humanity but the good news is that in recent years there have been some amazing developments in science and its relationship with certain and often age old herbal studies which seem to have changed everything forever - it's the creation of what is now generally known as the modern male enhancement supplement. Yes, these normally over the counter and all-natural health aids are typically designed to help men who have lost the capacity to produce testosterone at a high level replace several key elements in order to kick start the ability to produce that much needed testosterone near or all the way back to the levels that had in their prime.

As great as all of that is there is one problem that has come about because of it and that is the fact the market for these types of supplements has become flooded with literally hundreds of new products, many of which have been shown to be less than equal to the best that the industry has to offer even though most claim to use the same basic ingredients and make nearly all of the same types of claims as to their safety and effectiveness. Obviously, this deluge of new products has caused a lot of confusion and even frustration as men seeking help with their issues have an increasingly hard time figuring out which of all of these products will work best for them without making a bad purchase in the process.

With this being the case we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely help them the most, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements out there on the market today - it's called Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster.

Inside Nugenix

Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone

The Nugenix brand has a broad product line of non-prescription health aids and is based in the USA as part of a larger firm known as Adaptive Health LLC. The product line is based on providing solutions to a wide array of health issues experienced by men but it also seems to have some products targeted at women, as well.

What's In Nugenix?

Based on the list of active ingredients found in Nugenix it appears that it was designed to increase general testosterone levels and improve overall energy levels in aging men in order to elevate sexual stamina and endurance while increasing blood flow to all major muscle groups and especially the penile chambers for stronger, firmer and longer lasting erections.

The list of ingredients includes Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Zinc, a proprietary formula known as the Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex, L-Citrulline Malate, Testofen, Fenugreek Seed Extract and other, non-active elements such as Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate.

Nugenix And The Science

In a general review of the ingredients one can see the premise on which this product was developed and, in many cases, these ingredients are very much in line with the industry norms but that does not tell the whole story when it comes to determining just how safe and effective it is likely to be. For instance, one can imagine a product made using only the very best ingredients available but with less than the recommended doses. Clearly, it would be likely that this product would not perform well against other more properly balanced products. As a way to make sure a product is comparable to the best available most companies tend to conduct a certain amount of research, studies and clinical trials.

Looking over all of the immediately available information from both Adaptive Health and other independent sources we could find no links to any credible or verifiable data from any research or testing that would support the key claims being made for this product.

What Users Are Saying

No matter what form of advertising that a company may like to use to reach its target consumers the one thing that nearly all companies have come to embrace is the use of testimonials and user reviews. This is largely due to the fact that consumers have rated these comments as one of the most trusted forms of sales tactics. The only problem is that most consumers find these comments on websites and in other forms of marketing materials which are created and controlled by the seller. This creates what can only be deemed a highly biased set of content. It is for this reason that we always seek out more independent sources of user comments.

Taking a survey of multiple industry sites with no apparent connection to Nugenix or Adaptive Health LLC as well as many chat rooms and forums dedicated to the subject of male enhancement we found a wide variety of independent user reviews. Reviewing the overall ratings of those we determined that the vast majority of them had a rather high unfavorability rating based on their experiences with this product.

Health And Safety Issues

The set of ingredients used in the production of Nugenix is in wide use across the industry and there are no widely accepted issues when it comes to safe use for healthy males. However, it is always advisable to consult with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before starting daily use of this or any kind of product with a similar set of ingredients.

How And Where To Buy Nugenix

Although there is an official product website for the Nugenix line of products which they can be purchased through they are also widely available for purchase through a number of well-known online retail outlets including Amazon.com.

The Final Word On Nugenix

When men reach that point in their lives where they discover that they are not quite the guys that they used to be they tend to discover that the solution to issues with lost energy and vitality can often be restored to large degree with the help of a high quality male enhancement supplement. The question that we have set out here to answer is whether Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster is among the best that the industry has to offer. We have attempted to do that by looking at three core factors.

The first was to examine the key active ingredients and, as discussed, they appear to be well in line with what the market's best options have to offer. The second was to look at the information available as to just how those ingredients were formulated and here we found that there is little to no data available from any credible sources that would help to support the claims being made for the safety and efficacy of Nugenix. The third factor was based on what independent user reviews had to say and, based on our research, the overall ratings showed that these users did not feel that Nugenix delivered on their promised in any meaningful way.

In the end, when taking all of these factors into consideration it appears rather clear that Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster, in its current form, is not among the best answers for men seeking to regain their physical strength and bolster lost sexual drive.

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