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The Priapus Shot Review

If you happen to be one of the millions of men all around the world suffering with the debilitating effects associated with sexual dysfunction and you think that you have done the all of the basic research regarding your options when it comes to correcting the all of symptoms that come with erectile dysfunction then it is likely that you have probably already discovered that those options probably include a number of surgical related procedures or an even larger number of prescription or nonprescription remedies or supplements. What you may not have yet discovered is one of the most recent possible solutions known as the Priapus Shot or P-Shot. Yes, this new solution is claimed to be incredibly effective for men who are likely to have certain conditions including prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, diabetes or may who possibly have developed some issues associated with medications or side effects often connected to certain surgical procedures.

The concept that brought the P-Shot to the market, which in essence is actually not surgery but a rather simple medical procedure, is actually an injection using naturally formed elements within the body straight into the penis. Sure, there is no doubt that the very idea of this would make every living man reach to protect his genitals but the real question we have ask ourselves is "Does it work?"

All About The Priapus Shot

With a name derived from the Greek God of Fertility, the Priapus Shot is claimed to offer those men suffering from the effects of erectile dysfunction, quick, highly effective and long lasting relief from these issues in ways and through a set of means that other remedies just are not capable of offering. This is true to the point that it is said that it can make a man perform as if he were back in your 20's once again. Beyond that, the manufacturers also have claimed that it is likely to actually greatly increase the size of a man's penis.

Priapus Shot

Going Behind The Priapus Shot

The P-Shot is largely based on the concept of replacing bodily materials which may have been lost or may have never existed in sufficient quantities known as Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP which, for a number reasons and at different rates is lost to some degree over time in the area of the penis by all men. This Platelet Rich Plasma which, according to all accounts, is an all-natural material located within the bloodstream and is extracted from other parts of the man's body and then injected directly into the penis. This procedure is often said to have no resulting pain beyond the expected mild pain that comes with any similar injection. Because this procedure consists only of a man's own body's blood it is claimed that the procedure cannot be rejected and is said to have an incredibly high success rate.

The point that should be gleaned from this is that the Platelet Rich Plasma is taken directly from a man's own blood sample. The manufacture also claims that the quantity of blood needed is about the same as the average blood sample is no more than that of a simple blood test. This process in its simplest form is akin to separating stem cells and other growth factors extracted from both the red and white blood cells. It is the remaining platelets that are left that make up the critical elements used in the penis enhancement shot.

What Real Users Are Saying

The official website for P-Shot makes a large number of extremely positive testimonials and user reviews stating that they are all from actual and verified HealthGAINS patients. However, it should be noted that they also claim that these testimonials and user reviews cannot be considered as examples of typical patient result experiences and are not directly intended to be representative or be a guarantee that all patients are likely to achieve the same or even similar results. Furthermore, the company also states that the selected testimonials are put forth in order to highlight the best case scenario types of results that could be produced and should not be considered as typical. Looking at all of that may not leave the potential client that this is the most inspiring disclaimer but consumers should at least give the manufacturer credit for disclosing all of these points for those potential customers who may have cared enough to read all the fine print closely.

What Can Clients Expect?

According to the information put out by P-Shot, those men who have had the injection procedure have experienced nearly immediate results and the results of the P-shot when related to the symptoms of erectile function are nearly immediate. Also men who have had the injection have often left the office and experienced generally greatly improved performance on the same day with an increase in penis size can likely be expected within a few short weeks.

Again, being that the P-shot is done as an in-office procedure, recipients can expect that it can take approximately thirty minutes to go through the process from start to finish. All in all it can take about 30 minutes, and all evidence indicates that it will result in little or no downtime. Also, due to the fact that the treatment is completely based on the elements taken from a man's own blood sample, the producer states that there are not likely to be any known side effects.

It should also be noted that the procedure involves an injection directly into sensitive areas surrounding the penis with the use of a local anesthetic to reduce pain. Not that anyone would argue but this is the only real way to make the procedure possible.

As claimed, the procedure recipient should expect that it will likely take a significant period of time to attain the full benefits of male enhancement from the P-shot procedure. However, it can be said that, after about a period of three weeks, an increase of two to three inches in both overall length and girth have been reported by multiple users.

What to Expect Post Procedure

For the best possible results the producers of P-Shot recommend that the procedure recipient employ a vacuum pump device, which is provided at the time, to stretch the tissue of the penis. This pump acts to stimulate the chemical makeup of the PRP and other ingredients in the P-shot so that the result of the procedure are maximized and overall length and girth are achieved.

Also, it is highly recommended that the procedure recipient schedule a follow-up visit with the performing physician no later than one month following the injection in order to monitor the results and avoid any potential side effects or serious infections. At this time additional shots could be ordered by the attending physician depending on the results.

Does Insurance Cover The P-Shot?

Since the P-Shot is not widely considered a medical necessity it is unlikely for it to be covered by the vast majority of health insurance companies. However, for those who are seriously considering the injections they should definitely consult with your healthcare provider about coverage options as the procedure can be rather expensive.

The Last Word on P-Shot

P-Shot has been the recipient of a lot of attention recently due to the fact that it is a unique alternative to many other, more invasive, surgical procedures as well as prescription and nonprescription medications as well as male enhancement supplements. The issue, in our view, is that, despite the many claims made by the manufacturers of the P-Shot, the verifiable and independent information relate to the safety and effectiveness of the P-Shot does not stand up well against some of the more negatives aspects that we were came across. Keeping that in mind, our strong advice to any man considering having this procedure to do some serious research of their own starting with a consultation with their own primary care physician.

Finally, the comparisons between P-Shot and the many alternative treatment options comes down to one factor - if a man hasn't tried the least expensive, least costly, least invasive and least dangerous methods of dealing with his erectile dysfunction then he probably has not done his due diligence and, therefore, is likely taking a great deal of unnecessary risks and exposing himself to a lot of unnecessary costs when there is little to no reason to do so. The fact that there exists many highly regarded male enhancement supplements out there today suggest that, at least for many of the millions and millions of men without any serious medical issues, a high quality supplement would normally be the very first option that a man should look at.

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