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Elite Test 360: What You Need To Know

If you are in the market for a testosterone booster, and let's face it, any man looking to be all he can be certainly is, then one product you need to consider is Elite Test 360. That's why we decided to dive deep and examine everything about from the clinical research and side effects to, of course, its ingredients.

Elite Test 360: What Is It?

Elite Test 360 is yet another male enhancement supplement designed to raise testosterone, improve sexual performance and speed up your metabolism.

In addition, Elite Test 360 ingredients, AAKG and Tribulus Extract, are known to aid in the building of lean muscle mass especially when combined with rigorous physical regimens and healthy dietary choices. This is because these ingredients combine to enhance the body's natural ability to burn fat. Another side benefit is that it is formulated to increase the male sex drive and improve performance if used as recommended.

Benefits of Elite Test 360

Referred to by its manufacturer as "your secret weapon in the gym" , Elite 360 is formulated to provide the user with a high dosage of the most powerful male enhancement stimulators on the market today.

Key among these claims is that its use as a testosterone booster will lead to superior results for those seeking to build lean muscle mass with or without a defined work out regimen.

Elite Test 360 also claims to be a highly effective fat burner which will aid in hard to achieve weight loss goals while increasing overall physical strength, stamina and libido.

Offering a long list of clinically proven ingredients, Elite Test 360 further claims that it compares exceedingly well against its competitors and is easy to find through its own website as well as GNC, Amazon and other recognized retailers around the world. At this time a ninety day supply is retailing for approximately $90.

Elite Test 360 Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris

For hundreds, if not thousands of years, Tribulus Terrestris has been believed to be an herb that greatly increases virility. More recently it has been discovered that this is due to the fact that it stimulates the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) that then improves the levels of testosterone in the body. This natural herb, long used as an aphrodisiac, can be considered this genesis of every male enhancement product on the market today.

One of the key reasons for these claims is that when LH levels are raised the body produces higher levels of testosterone. More testosterone production leads to a natural inclination toward more physical exertion. Simply put, it makes you want to work out and the more you work out the more muscle you build and the more fat you burn.

Further, for men with low libido, this potent mix of benefits might be just what you need.

Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG)

Critical to the processes we are discussing is the need to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the blood stream. Nitric Oxide is largely responsible for directing blood flow and at higher levels to the muscle structure. AAKG, derived from an L-Arginine, is the active ingredient that drives the production of nitric oxide.

Elite Test 360: Does It Work?

While Elite Test 360 has ingredients which should be effective, what we found when looking at available independent user reviews was that the results achieved seemed to be all over the map. Some users claimed that is was the greatest thing since sliced bread and, in a surprisingly large number of cases, other users saw no discernable results at all.

For those looking to enhance their libido, the ingredient list certainly offers the right stuff to increase fertility and increase LH levels. The likely reason for the, at best, mixed reviews lies in the quantities of the key ingredients. When comparing Elite Test 360 to its top competitors in this regard it definitely comes up short.

The takeaway here should be that having all the right ingredients is important but if those ingredients are insufficient or not balanced correctly to meet a products' claims then you are not likely to get the results you are looking for.

Elite Test 360 Side Effects

Looking at this product's all natural ingredient list there seems to be any indication that a user would experience any appreciable side effects. Nevertheless, there are user reviews that complain of some problems including:

  • Gastric Distress
  • Moderate to severe headaches
  • Dizziness

Elite 360 Product Warnings

The bottle for Elite Test 360 notes that users should not exceed the recommended dosage of two pills per day with twelve to twenty-four fluid ounces of water and, as any savvy consumer of supplements knows, these guidelines should be take seriously.

Also, users with known medical conditions such as cardiovascular issues or diabetes should consult with a physician before beginning any supplement regimen.

Beyond that there are other standard warnings including that persons under the age of eighteen, women who are pregnant or lactating should not ingest this product.

What Users Are Saying

"I took this product as recommended and saw no increased benefits"
Tyler Swanson

"I have seen some results but I'm not sure if it is because of Elite Test 360 or because I've been working out harder and more often."
Danny Masterson

"I'm on my second bottle and have really seen the kind of results I was hoping for. If I don't see anything by the time I'm finished with this bottle I will not be reordering."
DeMarcus Brown

Elite Test 360: The Verdict

Taking all the known factors into account we asked ourselves if we could give Elite Test 360 a thumbs up. The answer is, unfortunately, a definitive no.

Although there are some distinct positives - a solid list of natural ingredients shown to increase testosterone levels, lean muscle mass, libido and help burn fat the bottom line here is that, for a price point that is far above the average for similar products, and the fact that the quantities and ingredient balance, this product is not nearly one of the best choices a man who is seriously intent on making significant changes in his life should be taking.

Given that the user reviews were, at best, a mixed bag, and that there were complaints about side effects, which we cannot independently verify, we suggest you look at other, more highly reviewed products.

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