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Formula Extreme 41 Reviewed

As any man who has done even the most basic research knows, there is a whole universe of male enhancement products on the market today. And, though many of these products have shown themselves to be of high quality and effectiveness there are an ever growing number of them that just don't belong among the stars of this universe. This being the case, it is incumbent upon any man who doesn't want to end up being taken by the purveyors of some useless product to do the necessary research to make sure they end up choosing a male enhancement supplement that actually delivers on its promises of providing the user with the elements necessary to give you the results you want - a larger, harder penis, physical stamina and endurance and, as a result, a stronger psychological outlook that will give you the confidence to get the woman (or women) of your dreams and, more importantly, to satisfy them in ways they probably never even knew they could be satisfied.

So, in our ongoing and seemingly never ending pursuit to find the very best products available, we decided it was time we took a long, hard look (no pun intended) at a male enhancement supplement that is and has for a long time been getting a lot of attention - Formula Extreme 41.

Inside Formula Extreme 41

Formula Extreme 41

Now, like many male enhancement supplements on the market today, Formula Extreme 41 makes a lot of bold claims about their formulation and how unique it is and what incredible results you will see by using it. The key claim here is that their proprietary formula, which they refer to as their "Instant Expansion Technology", is so powerful and unique that it actually creates instant result when it comes to increasing penis size. It supposedly does so with an extremely targeted formulation centered around a very exact amount of very specific ingredients to produce an utterly unique blend of highly effective and incredibly fast acting formula.

At the heart of this formula is their very own formulation of testosterone boosting ingredients that, as they say, can stand alone when it comes to delivering results but, because it is combined with so many other high level ingredients, becomes far more powerful and fast in its ability to deliver on its promises. It does so based on the well-recognized concept that boosting nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream greatly enhance blood flow and quickly open up the penile chambers allowing them to become highly engorged with the faster paced blood stream. This accelerated blood flow also allows many of the other benefits including increased stamina and libido to improve on a similar trajectory.

The Ingredient List

Though the exact formulation for Formula Extreme is not published on its official website there is enough information provided to make some key assumptions as to how these key ingredients will perform assuming the right qualities, quantities and balance. As listed, these ingredients include:

  • Tribulus Terrestris: Also known as Bindii, this plant was originally found in the Mediterranean region and is widely known for its medicinal uses especially in the area of boosting testosterone and enhance the sexual experience.
  • USA Wild Grown Ginseng: Known to many as Panax ginseng, this root is probably one of the most widely used and all natural plants on the planet today. Long sought after for its many healing and stimulating benefits, this ingredient is considered critical in many different medications and supplements.
  • Tongkat Ali: Originating in South East Asia, this plant known by many as Long Jack, is widely recognized for its properties as an aphrodisiac.
  • Maca Root: First discovered in the Andes mountains, this popular ingredient in many male enhancement formulations, is prominently featured in the
  • Muira Puama: Yet another solid ingredient, this plant is widely known for its properties as an aphrodisiac but has also been linked to many possible side effects and even serious health risks in men with certain conditions or indicators of such conditions.

So, what can be gleaned from this list of ingredients? First, without being able to know the exact amounts which are used and what the overall quality of these ingredients it's impossible for anyone to properly analyze this formula and speak honestly as to how safe and effective it is. Knowing that, have to look at its claims and compare it against other male enhancement supplements with similar ingredients. The best way to do that is to look at what actual independent users are saying about it.

Though the Formula Extreme 41 official site offers a number of glowing reviews from users we always find it much more useful to look at what more independent user reviews are saying. It should be said that there are a great number of these type of independent reviews available online and, not surprisingly, the vast majority of these reviews are not overly positive in their statements regarding Formula Extreme 41. Apparently, the good news is that, despite some well documented concerns related to side effects and other health risks, the independent user reviews we looked at made very few mentions of any such problems. The bad news is that the overall consensus among these independent users is that the claims made by Formula Extreme 41 regarding the instant and incredible results just do not happen as described. In fact, the majority of reviews we found said that they saw no appreciable benefits whatsoever even after extended usage following the recommended dosage.

Further, the failure to adequately list the secondary ingredients present in any similar formulation makes it even more difficult to analyze this formula.


  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Users did not focus on any potential health risks
  • Industry standard ninety day money back guarantee
  • Readily accessible without a prescription


  • Inadequate information regarding ingredient quantities and quality
  • Claims of scientific studies were not well supported
  • Lack of information regarding the parent company

The Final Analysis

As discussed at the beginning of this review, it is important for any man who considers himself a savvy consumer to do the necessary research in order to make sure that he is getting a product that will actually help him solve his problem, be safe to use and be worth the money spent in the process. Looking at all the information we could find based on the labeling, the official website and outside independent user reviews for Formula Extreme 41 the evidence is pretty conclusive.

When one closely examines everything from the ingredient list and the lack of important information surrounding it, as well as the highly unfavorable reviews from actual independent users it is pretty clear that Formula Extreme 41 does not belong up there with the star brands and formulations that rule the male enhancement supplement market. To even come close to doing so, it would at least have to meet the most basic standards of performance like showing a proven set of results for delivering on larger and harder erections, improving stamina and endurance and boosting libido.

So, having established that Formula Extreme 41 does not meet these basic standards we would suggest that any wise consumer look elsewhere to a male enhancement supplement with a far better reputation and track record.

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