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Penis Pump

A penis pump is designed to create a vacuum around your penis which increases pressure and causes the penis to swell and engorge itself with blood in all directions.  This pressure is supposed to increase penis size.

These devices can be painful and dangerous to the health of your penis.  Penis pumps can cause many problems relating to your capillaries and can even cause temporary impotence.

  • 30 Minutes of private time needed a day

  • Embarrassing weights to hide

  • Burst capillaries

  • Blisters

  • Temporary impotence

  • Damaged blood vessels

  • Excessive swelling

  • Skin irritation

  • Slow, if any, enlargement gains

  • Injury (possibly very severe)

Penis pumps have been around for over 30 years and have not proved to be an effective method of penis enlargement.  In theory it sounds like a good idea but it does not prove to be work well in real life. Pumps can produce short term results but the results are minimal and do not last long.  In addition, there is a high amount of risk associated with putting your most precious body part into these contraptions.  The pills offered at this site represent a much more effective method of penis enlargement than any pumps can offer.  In addition, using our capsules are much more discreet.  There is no big heavy pump to hide from others and it does not require 30 minutes of private time (away from prying eyes) a day to achieve results.   

There are two types of penis enlargement surgeries.  One to lengthen and one to increase girth.  The lengthening surgery involves cutting the suspensory ligaments that support and connect the penis to the pubic bone. These suspensory ligaments also secure approximately half the length of the penile shaft within the body.  Penile girth augmentation on the other hand involves collecting fat cells from the abdomen or inner thighs through liposuction, purifying the cells and then injecting them along the length of the penile shaft.

Surgery costs in the range of $10,000 and can be dangerous. Surgery can cause the penis to hang downward when erect.  Also, with the girth surgery you run the risk that fat cells will not be reabsorbed or will not be reabsorbed evenly and will group together to form fibro-fatty nodules.  Finally, you are also at risk for surgical deformities, infections and painful scarring. 

  • Deformity of dermal grafts (fat injections) -- this causes bulges and depressions along penis wall

  • Heavy scarring

  • Increased probability of impotence

  • Painful recovery period after surgery Mental and physical trauma that come with complications

The cost of surgery and the dangers involved make surgery a bad and unpractical choice for many.  It also misses the discreet factor and requires a long recovery time.

Use various exercises to force blood into the corpora cavernosa and therefore stretch the erectile tissue resulting in a larger penis.  In addition proponents of this type of penis enlargement comment that the exercises train your penis to have stronger erections.

Although, exercises can help with things such as penis curvature, exercises alone will not increase the size of your penis.  Exercises can increase the circulation to your penis and when utilized with penis enlargement pills such as Endowmax can help move the penis enlargement process along a little quicker.  

  • 30 Minutes of private time (away from prying eyes) needed a day

  • Potential to hurt yourself if you do the exercises wrong

Its safe to try out some penis enlargement exercises but if you really want to have a large, thick, and powerful penis then use a quality herbal penis enlargement product. 

Hang weights from your penis and over a period of time the stress on the penis will cause it to stretch and become longer.

Although, weights are great for larger muscles they are not great for your penis.  They do not increase girth at all and their slight ability to increase length does not outweigh their ability to harm you.  The constant tension of hanging a weight from the head of your penis can cause damage to the nerve endings and decrease blood supply. 

  • 30 Minutes of private time needed a day

  • Embarrassing weights to hide

  • Extremely uncomfortable to wear (i.e. most sets recommend that your wear them all day).

  • Excessive soreness

  • Severe lacerations

  • Painful bruising

  • No gains in girth what-so-ever

  • Increase your chance of impotence

  • Constant tension on the head of the penis diminishes pleasure during sex

  • There's potential for infections and in the worst cases amputation to any region not receiving complete circulation

Due to the dangers of weights they should be avoided.  Most men want to increase their girth and length and weights cannot offer this.  In addition, you could seriously hurt yourself while trying to attach a 15 pound weight to your penis. Also, who wants to be standing around for 30 minutes a day in the bathroom with a lead ball hanging from their penis. 

Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills
Use all natural herbs to increase the blood flow to the penis and stretch out the corpora cavernosa.  As the daily increased flow of blood begins to stretch out the erectile tissue the penis begins to take on a new and larger size.  In addition, the all natural herbs help to promote harder erections more often.

Great product that actually works.  The results are in and Endowmax can help you to gain penis size and strength.  This product has even been Dr. Approved.

  • No need to set aside 30 Minutes of private time a day (to use your pump, weights, or exercises)

  • No embarrassing equipment to hide

  • No danger of damaging the penis (nerve endings, capillaries, blisters..etc)

  • Rather than possible temporary impotence, herbal pills can increase erection strength

  • Quick and effective results

  • 1 - 3 inch gains

  • Money back guarantee

  • Dr. Approved

Endowmax can increase the size of your penis and strength, quickly and effectively.  We are so sure that this is the case that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  However, don't take our word on it.  Read what some of our customers have to say - click here. - Penis Enlargement, Enzyte, Vig Rx, Average Size, Natural Enlarger